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This Article Goes Over The Hidden Dangers To Your Unborn Child If You Smoke During Pregnancy.

The child of a mother who smokes during pregnancy is at risk for a long list of harmful effects. While any one particular baby will probably not develop all of the known problems, a mother who smokes while pregnant is almost guaranteeing at least a few of them. Even though not too many studies have been done, there are too many known risks. We tend to feel there is a huge disconnect between what is known and what mothers, or potential mothers, are aware of concerning the risks. We think it is imperative that all women should know all that is possible if she smokes while pregnant. Keep reading to learn about just a few of the known risks of smoking while pregnant. As a responsible mother-to-be, it’s best to immediately get advice from medical practitioner about utilizing stop smoking aids that will help you give up smoking as quickly as possible.

Talk to your prenatal doctor or your family doctor to get help quitting if you smoke and are pregnant. You can find various methods and products designed to help you quit smoking. But be aware that some of these quitting aids still contain nicotine. If you wear a nicotine replacement patch, for example, the nicotine that enters your bloodstream will still be absorbed by your baby. This is a better option than inhaling the hundreds of chemicals found in cigarettes but still poses a threat to your baby’s health. So it really is best to discuss it with your doctor as to what is best for you. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to your child’s lung functions being seriously compromised. Lung related issues such as asthma and a greater tendency for pneumonia is more likely in children whose mothers smoke while pregnant. Bronchitis and other chronic respiratory symptoms are also more common for these children. Also consider that these problems also involve the child’s immune system, as well. These creates a greater susceptibility to infections.

While this is a significant side effect there are many others associated with smoking during pregnancy. Low birth weight plus premature birth carry potential for associated high risks. Just some of the additional risks include mental retardation, learning disabilities, and cerebral palsy. The most prevalent and serious risk associated with smoking during pregnancy is infant death. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to several negative effects for your unborn child. There is still much to learn and more research needs to be done. Still, the bottom line is pretty clear considering what is known about the negative and harmful effects of smoking on a fetus. It is extremely important for pregnant women to find a way to quit smoking. Most people don’t quit because they are not really ready to or they think it is too hard. Taking time to do more research is highly recommended. If you are pregnant, do talk to your doctor as soon as possible and get help with the nicotine addiction. Be a responsible parent-to-be, learn about how to quit smoking before you give birth to your infant. This really is the most important present you ever give to your unborn child and also to your own personal health.
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